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What is Assistive Technology?

Your child could be missing out on a crucial service to help them access their educational curriculum and learn in new ways.

As an attorney, one of the first things I look at when reviewing a student's file for a potential case is whether the student has ever been evaluated for assistive technology. In today's world, there are more options than ever to help students have the same access as any other student.

Assistive technology is "products, equipment, and systems that enhance learning, working, and daily living for persons with disabilities." - Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATiA).

The Committee on Special Education shall . . . consider whether the student requires assistive technology devices and services, including whether the use of school-purchased assistive technology devices is required to be used in the student's home or in other settings in order for the student to receive a free appropriate public education[.]

Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Part 200

If your child has not been evaluated for assistive technology, they could be missing out on a crucial service that the District is required to provide.

Who needs assistive technology?

Many kinds of students can benefit from assistive technology, which is why its so important to ensure a proper evaluation is conducted. Assistive technology can help ensure that students can communicate effectively, write effectively, record lectures to listen to later, read text aloud, or even to help ambulate the environment. A wheelchair can be considered assistive technology!

Parents should always be on the lookout for whether assistive technology could contribute to a child's education because it can be so individualized. For one student, a simple book with picture cut-outs can help them communicate while another student might benefit from a more technologically advanced system.

Who pays for it?

Finally, the Impartial Hearing Officer required that the district provide the student with assistive technology supports and services

State Review Office, Appeal No. 21-182

Parents should not be paying out-of-pocket for services that the District is required to provide. The District has an obligation to students and what's more, they have the burden to prove they are meeting that obligation. If your child is not receiving appropriate services, we can help ensure the District is providing the necessities.


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