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Running Children
We're here to help ensure children in NYC are given the special education services and setting that they need.


We are a client-focused, tech-forward law firm.

We handle cases efficiently to ensure your child is placed in the right school, with the right services and the right supports. Our guarantee is that when you schedule a consultation, you will be speaking directly to one of the firm's partners. 

We represent families of preschool to 12th grade students residing within NYC only. Upon scheduling a consultation, we will look over your child's records and make an initial determination about whether we believe a complaint against the school district can be filed, as well as discuss our thoughts with you about potential ways to proceed.



  • Ensuring that all students have access to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

  • Working towards placement in a special education private school program for those who need it.

  • Obtaining comprehensive and independent educational evaluations to inform decision-making.

  • Seeking compensatory education and services for students who were denied appropriate placement and services.

  • Defending students accused of misconduct in disciplinary hearings, otherwise known as as a superintendent's hearing.

  • Securing access to private transportation for students with special transportation needs.

  • Providing appropriate assistive technology devices to students who require them.

  • Helping students to receive necessary related services, such as speech therapy or physical therapy.

  • Seeking the provision of evidence-based methodologies like Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).


5 Stars

Five stars is not enough! Mark and Anthoula were an absolute godsend.

They were extremely effective and driven to get the best outcome and in the end, we achieved the absolute best outcome for our child!

5 Stars

Ms. Vasiliou has gotten my two children's the proper schools and services they needed for the longest. If I have any questions I could email her or call her and she's always willing to help. Ms. Vasiliou will help you get the right services your child needs. She takes the time to explain anything you don't understand and always make you feel comfortable talking to help.

5 Stars

Anthoula rocked our child's case with the NYC DOE. It was a matter that changed his life and it was something that we could have never done on our own.

5 Stars

Mr Gutman and team are extremely caring and professional. He has the heart of an educator and advocates for the rights of his clients. He granted my family a free consultation.

In my particular situation, Mr Gutman helped my son to dispute an unfair and inaccurate description of a school suspension. Mr Gutman took his time to draft a professional letter detailing the actual sequence of events that lead to a suspension. Then letter disputed all erroneous accusations and related the truth about what took place.

5 Stars

From the very first phone call, Mark stood out as competent, compassionate, and focused – we immediately knew that we wanted him to represent us. In every step of the way since then, Mark has been a blessing and a bright light in a gloomy period that ended in the best possible way for our son.

His sense of urgency was incredible – he never kept us waiting, was always two steps ahead, and was consistently responsive. His confidence in what he was doing was reassuring and helped calm down our anxieties time and time again. We will always be very grateful for Mark and for what he secured for our son.

5 Stars

Anthoula is so amazing. She always on point and Definitely a fighting. I have known her for about 2-3 years and she works hard and knows what is taking about.


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